What Our Clients Say
Westfield Landscaping and Irrigation has worked for the City of Naperville as a sub-contractor and has successfully completed all work assigned.


Kathy Rendek

Naperville Department of Public Works


his letter is provided as a recommendation for WESTFIELD LANDSCAPE & IRRIGATION. Meade Electric has had a very good working relationship with Westfield for the last 3 years. In 2006 I was having issues with a landscape contractor providing quality work for a major customer of mine. In order to accommodate the high standards of this customers, I was seeking a landscape contractor who would not only meet these high standards but would strive to exceed them. I was introduced to Victor Martinez owner of Westfield in February of 2007.  I was impressed with his vision of  how his company could work together with Meade to meet the expectations of my customer. I agreed to use his services and would make an evaluation after reasonable period of time. Westfield’s performance has been impressive enough to my customer that they have recommended him to other contractors who they had contracts with that need landscape work.

From my personal experience with this company, I highly recommend them based on the quality of work performed and services provided. I found the employees to have a strong work ethic and a conscientious approach to their task(s).

My transactions with this company have been fair and honest.



Thomas W. Talbot

Project Manager

All Year Long Services

They have always provided reliable and high quality work.
Olive Garden

General Manager


e have been working with Westfield Landscaping for the past 6 years. Their outstanding Landscaping and Snow Removal Services have made our tenants and their visitors very comfortable.

Any minor problem that we have experienced over the past 6 years has been immediately rectified as the owner of Westfield is just a phone call away. Their response time has been phenomenal especially with all the unexpected snow storms we have experienced most recently.

Even our sidewalks are kept in tip-top shape at all times.